Monday, September 28, 2009

Word for the Day

Ngarag (pang-uri) - salitang tumutukoy sa matinding pagkapagod ng isipan dahil sa dami ng trabahong dapat gawin subalit hindi naman masimulan.

Halimbawang gamit: Ako ay ngarag sapagkat malapit nang mag-lapse ang aking incomplete grade sa School Administration, tambak na ang lesson plans na dapat kong i-check, gagawa pa ako ng tatlong final term examinations, at kailangan ko pang gumawa ng dalawang researches para hindi ulit ma-incomplete sa mga subjects na in-enroll ko.

Tongue Misdemeanor

One of the few similarities between AU and CLSU is that the names of both schools are often mispronounced. I have been commuting to and fro San Antonio and CLSU for almost a decade now. Napakadalas na may nakakasakay akong estudyante na kung hindi sa Araullo bababa eh sa CLSU. It was not just once that I have heard a student saying /si-ley-shu/ or /si-el-es-shu/ for CLSU /si-el-es-yu/ or /o-rol-yo/ for Araullo /a-rawl-lyo/.

So, ano ang social significance nito? Wala. Napansin ko lang.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knowing When To and When Not To

The Philippines is a nation of idiosyncratic people. Umamin ka. Napakarami nating mga idiosyncracies na mismong tayong mga Pinoy eh nahihirapang intindihin. Sa sobrang dami nga nung mga yun, baka hindi tayo matapos kaya magfocus na lang tayo sa isa.
Lagi kong naririnig yung one-liner na masarap ang bawal. Iba ang ibig sabihin nito sa mga taong berde ang isip. Kadalasan din, nagagamit itong excuse ng mga taong alam na ngang mali pero ginagawa pa rin. Basta ang alam ko, doing what is forbidden or prohibited is a sheer manifestation of one's disciplinary destitute.
HIndi nyo ba napapansin? Kung saan may nakalagay na Bawal Magtapon ng Basura Dito, dun naman nakatambak yung basura. Pag dumaan ka sa may nakasulat na Bawal Umihi Dito, dun naman mapanghi. Mag-observe ka sa No Loading and Unloading Zone, for sure na may nakaparadang PUV dun.
Ang mga Pilipino talaga! Pag naman napunta sa ibang bansa, sobrang obedient. Makakain na nga lang kesa ma-stress ako.

Project in Developmental Reading II

For the whole class, produce a soft-bound copy of Phil-IRI materials, to wit:

a. Testing Manual

b. Forms

c. Teacher's Copy

d. Assessment Tools for Pupils

The deadline for submission will be on 09 October 2009, til 5 in the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To A Lost One

Halos magkasabay kaming lumaki ni Bitoy. Kami rin halos ang laging magkalaro. Palibhasa'y ako ang panganay na apo in both my mother's and father's sides. Hindi katulad ng ibang mga bata, wala akong nakakalarong mga pinsan na pwede nang makipaghabulan o makipagtaguan kaya. Buti na lang at nasa bahay namin si Bitoy.
Matangkad si Bitoy. Malaking bulas kung ikukumpara sa mga kaedad niya. Siguro, namana niya sa tatay niya yung height niya. Madalang ngang may pumupuntang bata sa bakuran namin para makipaglaro. Natatakot kasi sa kanya.
Isang umaga noong 1989 nang matagpuan siyang isa nang malamig na bangkay sa silong ng bahay namin. Nilason daw, yun ang sapantaha ng tatay ko. Medyo marami na rin kasi siyang nakagat sa puwet kaya siguro marami na ring may maitim na balak sa kanya.
Ang kakatwa, isang taga-kanto ang pumunta sa bahay namin noong umagang yun at hinihingi si Bitoy para yata ipampulutan. Paano niya nalaman e di naman namin ipinamalita na namatay na si Bitoy? Nahalata tuloy siya na directly involved siya sa krimen. Lekat siya! Kung uso lang nung 1989, malamang nasabihan ko siya ng pakyu!
Dalawang dekada na rin palang wala si Bitoy sa amin. Sana ay masaya siya kung saan man siya naroroon ngayon. Sana ay 'wag niyang aawayin sina Dingding, Putol, at Blackie (iba pang mga dating aso namin na kung hindi nasagasaan o nawala ay basta natagpuan na lamang naming patay).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Emperor's New Posting

Technology in Education

ALTHOUGH technology has a dark side, we cannot deny the fact that it offers a wide array of benefits for its users. More than any point in history, education nowadays necessitates a wise facility of technology particularly computers. Therefore, it is a must now for every teacher to become adept at using the technology.
Education should be geared towards equipping the learners with competencies that they need to cope with the present times. Since the society of today is highly-technological, it is the teachers who should, first and foremost, be the ones to be acquainted with the existing technological advancements. The logic behind this is simple. How can a teacher train his pupils to be technologically competitive if he himself does not have the skills?
To probe deeper, what are the uses of computer technology in education? The list is endless but let me cite those that immediately crossed my mind.
In planning lessons, the internet is a rich reservoir of prototyped lesson plans which could be used as models (although writing your own is strongly encouraged since your LP should be based on the nature of your pupils). A magnitude of references for your lessons is also available online, thereby freeing the teacher from browsing over dusty books stacked in webby shelves.
If you are the kind of teacher who is dead bored in providing the same learning activities over and over again, the internet can surely help you in finding tested, more innovative, and more interesting pedagogical tasks.
With regards to lesson presentation, your computer and LCD projector can spare you from straining your back and staying up to the wee hours of the morning in making your charts which your pupils will need for them to easily learn the concepts.
Is computing grades a tedious task? Not anymore. Typing the formula in a cell and dragging it down can help the teacher in coming up faster with non-erroneous results. You can even play with the data and compute for the mean, standard deviation, and other statistical tools which will give you a total picture of your pupils' standings in just several clicks in the mouse.
For those teachers who still wish to further their competencies, they can avail the benefits of distance learning via enrolling in an open university --- an undertaking that is also facilitated by computer technology. Scholarships and seminars/trainings are also posted online so that interested teachers can avail them.
Do you want to conduct researches either for promotion or intellectual/personal satisfaction? The computer is there for you to search for related studies and other references. A variety of programs for statistical tools are also available to assist you in extracting the substance from your studies.
If you are a super conscientious mentor, perhaps you would like to know your IQ and EQ which both affect your profession. If you also would like to have an idea about the learning styles and dominant intelligences of your pupils, they are all available online.
As a teacher, it is also your responsibility to be updated with the policies and other memoranda issued by DepEd and CHED. This is easy to accomplish if a teacher will seek the help of the computer in navigating to the websites of the aforementioned agencies.
Are you tired of and fed up with issues such as overwork and underpay that you want to apply for a job abroad? Visit the website of POEA and you will be drowned with the listings that you can find there. You can even submit your resume and other credentials online.
The benefits of computer technology is endless. On the other hand, we should be particularly cautious with its effects to our sense of accountability and diligence. Let us not be slaves of technology. We should not entrust our pupils to computers. It can be recalled that there was once an issue regarding computers as substitutes for teachers. I personally believe that this shoud not happen since computers appeal only to the intellect of the pupils unlike teachers who have hearts who can understand the learners and can train them to become humans in the true sense of the word.